Flying High

You guys! I went to Costa Rica on the best bachelorette boot camp I could imagine! I had so much fun, I think I forgot I was a Safety Professional.

The first obstacle of our boot camp was zip lining. We got to the Guachipelin Adventure Complex and they immediately put a helmet on our heads. I was relieved, but silently hoping they never had a reason to really have one. The next station fitted us for started getting real. The gentleman that did it was a pro. I had a snug fit and felt secure. Lastly, he handed me gloves...I was curious but not worried.

We assembled and got a second safety check for our equipment. Then they gave the quickest briefing that consisted of the following points that I remember.

1. There are 8 lines, the first two have brakes, the remaining you have to use your gloves to slow yourself down....YIKES!

2. When it's time to hook up to the next line, you have to jump up, while on an elevated platform....Definitely going to fall to my death!!!

3. Zip lining through the canopy is one of the most beautiful experiences you will see

I have to agree that it was the most beautiful experience. I was flying through trees and over water. I overcame fears of Tarzan swings and scaling rock walls while enjoying the friendship. I also had to put a lot of faith in a very used zip lining course.

It reminded me of the faith the workforce puts in me, and professionals just like me, to keep them safe. Just like the workforce, I went to the Guachipelin Adventure with the expectation to leave the same way I came. Healthy and in one piece. Me and the bride tribe (or trainees in military terms) made it home safe and we are ready for the wedding!

Because of this experience, I will be grateful for every fall protection inspection, horizontal lifeline certification, and training event I participate in. I know that there is someone depending on me, the same way I depended on everyone at Guachipelin Adventure.

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