I'm starting my own business...

I'm quitting my day job and starting my own business! Well, maybe that's jumping too far ahead....

I've been attending an entrepreneurial boot camp sponsored by a local university. I LOVE it! As a community, we learn from business teachers, local small business owners, and each other. One of these days, I will be able to open my own small business.

In the mean time, I'm taking the lessons and applying them to my business operations today. One of those primary components is market research. Think about it, how many surveys have you filled out to learn what you liked or didn't like about a product or service. This is market research.

Many companies fail because they assume they know what the market wants, and they get it wrong. It's like your boyfriend bringing you flowers, when french fries are obviously the way to a girls heart 🤗.

Well, the same applies to an industrial hygienist. Whether the IH is a consultant to a business or a leader working at a big social media company, we have to know our market.

An IH has the responsibility of protecting people and the environment. We also have to know how to deliver a service based on what people want related to what we know they need. It's like every other business, we find our niche.

The coolest part of my job is learning what the people I support want and being able to deliver a service that makes them want to be safe at work. All the while, I get to hone in on my skill of listening to my customer.

Isn't it cool to know there is an IH out there listening to your needs?

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