Need an expert witness?

Ok. Ok. I had to do it. The internet is undefeated when it comes to these Tekashi 69 memes 😂

If you don’t know who he is, a quick google search can catch you up really fast.

As I‘ve been scrolling through my timelines and seeing his face, it made me think of my first professional mentor. One of the greatest Industrial Hygienists I’ve ever worked with. He was working at a mining company when this lawsuit came in claiming a plaintiff suffered a long term illness based on his job at the mine. The problem....the plaintiff never worked at the company. Ever!

Even though the plaintiff wasn't an employee, the IH had to figure out if the claim could be justified. This precaution was taken just in case the opposing side claimed the company "lost" employment records.

As part of every IH's normal job, we look for hazards that could cause someone to develop an illness. The next step is to find a way to protect the workplace from the hazard. We document our findings and communicate to anyone that could be impacted.

One of the reasons I like to say that we are IH heroes is because we are constantly determining if people are introduced to hazards that could have a long term effect on their life, like an illness, and people don't know what we've done to protect them.

In this case, they didn’t make it to court for apparent reasons. In other cases, the claims will go to court, and sometimes an IH will be there to examine the data and make an expert testimony on the situation.

I mean, we aren’t necessarily Tekashi 69, but our expert knowledge can certainly be helpful when disputing issues of occupational safety and health.

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