Sweet, Salty Popcorn....Lungs

My niece graduated high school!! She's super smart, kind, and hardworking. I can't wait to follow her journey through life. I am such a proud aunt.

Graduation is an exciting celebration for the entire family. We partied, cried, and spent quality time over her milestone. This quality time includes my brother-in-law, who has been on his journey to quit smoking.

One of the methods he is using to kick his habit is an e-cigarette. While I'm not a fan of smoking, at least it doesn't stink.....I guess.

In fact, it smells kind of good. There are tons of flavoring options to choose from when vaping. He has some personal favorites like pina colada, cherry, and strawberry. One of the days, I got a hint of a vape smell I liked, it was caramel popcorn...

I got home and decided to do a little research on the vape liquid, and my suspicions were verified. The popcorn flavoring is the same chemical culprit for popcorn lungs.

Popcorn lungs is a respiratory condition where the smallest airways of the lungs are obstructed because of inflammation. Diacetyl, the chemical that creates the popcorn flavoring, has been proven to cause popcorn lungs.

My other concern....nicotine. Did you know smoking nicotine is not the only way it impacts your body? It can also be absorbed through the skin in less than 5 minutes! The symptoms can be severe if there is enough absorbed.

The recreational activity of vaping also has an occupational component for people working in vape shops and lounges. That's right, there is an IH out there finding ways to protect the people in vape shops around the world while they pour nicotine solutions, test out new vape flavors, and any other task it takes to keep their customers happy.

I really enjoyed the following article as I did my own research if you're interested in learning more

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